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Food is always good but apparently their chicken korma is not a cream sauce like I'm used to so several times I've gotten something I didn't expect due to my misunderstanding. I called to clarify and they were helpful. I ordered the chicken tikka MASALA & it was yummy. The only complaint is they don't pack things very sturdily and almost every time some spillage happens.

Veronica Rodarte

2 reviews
I've been a Fresh Kabob's for quite some time. I've ordered one before with no hiccups. This time was no exception. Everyone who had never had their food was ecstatic about how good the food was. I was super happy that it was ready for me when I arrived, as I was on a lunch run for the office gals. Loved it!


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I love fresh kabobs, and order from them regularly. I have been hesitant to order delivery, because the only service I have used was postmates, and they are awful! Thank you grubhub for a painless delivery experience.


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My husband is a chef so its very hard to please his taste buds when we order food he liked the lamb biryaniThank you so much Fresh Kanbabs! We will order again soon!


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Everything came on time and the restaurant even went out of their way to verify a food modification we made. The driver was really friendly and accommodating - thank you!

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Store was out of salmon for the plate that I ordered so they called to mention and didn't just merely substitute a white fish without asking me first. Also I was able to call the restaurant to highlight special delivery instruction for my dinner and I was heard :) thank you so much Fresh Kabobs delivery woman!


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They are awesome we order from them often


1 review
Is my go to food I love it

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You cant deny the first bite of Fresh-Kabobs soulful food. Each savory mouthful and chew brings a burst of well-balanced spices that intertwine with every dish on the menu. If Rafi, the restaurants chef and owner could take a picture for every joyful moment of the 'first bite of his amazing food from his faithful clients, he would be on the top 1 list of richest people. Rafi will be the first to tell you that he did not create 'fresh Kabobs to capitalize and become rich but instead produce an extremely healthy and affordable Indian food in a 'fast casual restaurant. Its that smile on your face after tasting the unforgettable 'grilled Lamb Shank and other delightful dishes on his menu that inspires and motivates Rafi to create a new trend for Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Fresh Kabobs is not your typical Indian restaurant because you dont have to wear a suit or talk quietly like youre in a library. We welcome the whole family, come as you are. The portions are very generous and made fresh to order. After experiencing your first bite and devouring your complete spread, you will literally feel guilty for walking into the restaurant with flip flops, t-shirts, and paying under $2. for a dish that would normally run you about $3-$5 in normal traditional Indian restaurants. The atmosphere is cozy modern mixed with exposed industrial ceilings. Free Wi-Fi to our trendy entrepreneurs and computer enthusiasts. Currently Fresh Kabobs is experimenting with a variety of spices blended with imported top USDA choice Angus Beefs, fresh steam vegetables, and succulent sea food platters that will tickle your appetite. We import our lamb directly from New Zealand. All of our food is freshly made daily and ordered to cook. Chef Rafis focus is creating "healthy food" by using the freshest ingredients and vegetables balanced by an array of spices. Chef Rafi welcomes all types of comments rather good or bad, on the food, restaurant, and atmosphere. Your genuine comments will assist Chef Rafi in perfecting the perfect menu, and enhancing your Fresh Kabobs 'fast casual Indian restaurant experience. Fresh Kabobs cafe restaurant is conveniently located in the promenade of the downtown Long Beach City Place Mall. Its only 1 minutes from the world famous Pike and a stones throw from all downtown Long Beach, clubs, restaurants and night life activities. There is 2 hours of free validated parking in the parking structure or metered street parking all around the promenade. Fresh Kabobs invite you to share a memorable experience with us, healthy food, personalized service and Indian culture. Thank you for your business!